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FibroPlast & TecnoPlast

TecnoWall was founded in 2001 in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, working straightaway with companies such as Arca and Mirage, supplying sandwich panels designed for motorhome bodies. In 2006, the company’s production site was transferred to Poggibonsi, with a subsequent increase in production capacity. Today, the production site measuring 5800 square meters and TecnoWall continues to operate in the motorhome body segment, supplying manufacturers with sandwich panels for walls, roofs and floors. It makes use of a variety of core materials, from traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS) to more modern extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), as well as closed cell PVC, polyurethane and honeycomb polypropylene. Traditional internal wooden battens are combined with polyurethane frames, using metal reinforcements. With a strong presence throughout the European recreational vehicle market, TecnoWall also boasts business relations with manufacturers in China, Australia and South Africa. The motorhome sector predominates, but the company also works in the naval and heavy transport vehicle sector, in addition to producing panels for the construction of prefabricated housing. TecnoWall possesses UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The future of sandwitch panels

fibroplast materiale riforzato


FibroPlast is especially suited for designing perimeter profiles on body panels. Highly resistant to torsion, it provides excellent thermal insulation and adheres easily. Its heat resistant properties allow it to withstand exposure to the sun without deforming.



TecnoWall has patented a solution to the problem of coupling between bars that form the peripheral profile: the male and female couplings fit perfectly to form assembled structural profile that does not require stapling, nails or other types of fastener. The curved profile of the jigsaw interlocking elements also creates an impenetrable barrier that water cannot cross in any way to infiltrate into the wall underneath.

TecnoPlast350C 01



TecnoPlast is a polyurethane compound loaded with high mechanical properties that make it particularly suitable for the production of sandwich panels. The production system ensures a good uniformity of density in the length, width and thickness by generating a very durable product and dimensionally stable. The TecnoPlast has very low water absorption, excellent fixedness to the screw, good dimensional stability, low density and good thermal properties.

TecnoWall provides the customer with a perfectly made to measure product. Thanks to these characteristics TecnoWall has become a reference partner for all companies looking for sandwich panels with high quality content.

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