Our company is implementing an energy efficiency intervention in order to manage electricity consumption with the use of intelligent automation and control systems for lighting and indoor air conditioning with the installation of light, presence and movement sensors , concentration of humidity and pollutants in the air inside the offices; the financial support received from the European Union will also make it possible to produce electricity from a renewable solar energy source, for the purpose of self-consumption; the project reduces emissions of climate-changing CO2 substances, equal to 61.18  tonnellate equivalent saved annually, NOX saved equal to 40.35 kg per year, PM10 saved equal to 0.38 kg per year.

The project involves the installation of a photovoltaic system on the existing roof; the photovoltaic system will be connected to a monitoring system that manages an intelligent automation remote control for lighting and internal air conditioning with brightness, presence, movement sensors and a direct measurement of the concentration of pollutants in the work environment.