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Production Sandwich panels
for freight vehicles

Sandwich panels for freight vehicles


Thanks to the “R80” aluminum profile that we have developed for the assembly of our panels, the transport box stands out for two main features:

  1. Rainwater will never stagnant over the roof, as our aluminum profile is always at the same level as the highest roof part, so the water will flow out of the roof reducing the risk of infiltration.
  2. The FibroPlast perimeter reinforcements ensure that once assembled the transport box has a very high mechanical resistance and exceptional thermal insulation.



The box made with our sandwich panels is among the lightest in the market. All this is due to the exclusive gluing system, which limits the adhesive quantity per square meter.


Sandwich panels usually consist in fiberglass laminate skins and the core made with insulating panel boards. The types of insulation board used by TecnoWall can be polyurethane or extruded (XPS) polystyrene.


Tailor Made Panels

Our experience in the production of sandwich panels combined with our gluing technology and development capabilities meet the specific needs of the market.
We work together to optimize the final result.

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